Our Services

Our Services


We are experiencing in operating, managing with comprehensive technical system’s operation and maintenance for commercial property in addition to residential property, retail buildings, manufacturing factories and hotel buildings.

A commercial property building often hosts a number of distinct tenants, individual customers and client owners such as a shopping plaza may only be one building, but hosts a variety of businesses – each with their unique needs or a complex building comprising residents, tenants, co-owners and tenants.  As the property management company, we not only ensure each tenant or resident is paying rent and other fees such as utility payments but also ensure timely common area maintenance. Negotiations with tenants or resident and the potential problems associated with commercial properties can be complicated but we pride ourselves with maintaining a harmonious relationship with the owners of the properties under their control, as well as with the tenants.

Our professional team possesses a great deal of knowledge on prevailing laws and the requisite expertise to deal with your unique commercial and residential property.  We are also prepared to conduct frequent property inspections and direct day-to-day operation and maintenance issues to avoid costly problems and inconveniences.

1. Internal Services:

  • Property Management

  • Facility Management

  • Operation & Maintenance of Technical Systems

  • Reception & Customer Service

  • Project Development and Operation Consultancy

  • Leasing, Sales, Tenant Representation

  • Maintenance and Repair of Technical Systems

  • Technical Mechanical Equipments & Spare Parts’ fabricating

  • Asset and Technical System capital replacement

  • Strategic subsidization with service providers of Cleaning, Security & Smart Parking, Pest Control, Landscaping to one-ecosystem for consistent building quality

2. Services from Outsourcing:

  • Waste and Sewage Sludge Collection

  • Interior Design

  • Shuttle Service for Employees

  • Supply of Industrial Meals